Tristan Mckenzie

Black and White Image of Tristan McKenzie standing outside near Sugarloaf Rock


Hi, I’m a lifestyle/travel photographer based in Perth, Western Australia. I am currently showing my first solo exhibition “COHESION”  in Scarborough, Western Australia




Remember the time we all got stuck in our own state and decided to go see what was happening in our own big red back yard? Remember the prices of 4WDs spiralling out of control as people scrambled for the dirt, the hills, the beaches and the bush?

Across Perth and beyond, we were forced to ditch our plans for Europe and Bali and instead we discovered the wonder of swimming with whale sharks and hiking through some of the oldest gorge formations in the world.

As if by magic, with one giant cohesive consciousness, we all migrated north for the winter just like birds or whales migrate to warmer areas to feed, mate and give birth. This exhibition is a snapshot of that unique moment in time; of red dirt, blue waters and one epic collective exhale. In Collaboration with Fox Lab Fine Art, Livid Skate Cafe and Gage Roads Brew Co.


Travel is the reason I started photography in the first place. It was during my first backpacking trip through Vietnam and Cambodia that I discovered the love for it whilst sitting on the bus discussing my favourite photo editing app with fellow travellers on our phones. Nowadays my gear is a tad more sophisticated and my skills are little more developed but inside the true excitement and roaring fire remains burning fiercely as I’m always looking at ways to link travel with my work.


I don’t know about anyone else but for me, food takes up at least half of my daily thoughts. To me, it makes sense to link my two passions together and that is exactly what happened 5 years ago. I have now worked with companies such as Buy West Eat Best, Leftfield Coffee Roasters, Green Street Kitchen and Gage Roads Brew Co.


The relationship between people and the environment they are in is what keeps me coming back to photography. It’s about capturing a feeling or vibe, rather than just a personal look. I like to have fun whilst shooting and I’m always happy to explore new ideas.


I love my clients. I like to work with companies that align with my ideals, values and particularly love working with brands that have a deeper vision then just selling their product. I am very proud to have worked with a variety of clients that range from creative individuals and small business to tourism boards and everything else in between.